mY pOOr rEPORt cARd- By J S Dhaliwal.

JS Dhaliwal (Mr)
5 min readMay 23, 2020

Ecological imbalance is our collective failure. It’s a poor report card of one of the most intelligent species (homo-sapiens) on the planet (earth). It’s unproductive way to live life, and certainly cannot be called “progress”.

Image credit: Tobias Anderberg.


For decades, I have been thinking that caring for nature is a massive project, and I have nothing to do with it, personaly. Thereafter, A technological era of 21st CE has further affiliated advancement in technology, industrialisation as an only way out to be progressive. In the days of clouded storage and Smart devices, an essence of nature’s clouds in the sky was fadding somewhere somehow. Suddenly, an unfotunate Covid-19 outbreak shaked human civilisation. And this turbulance exposed me to myself; a nature lover; new normal within me.

Now, It’s good to recognise, an ecological imbalance is a collective failure. It’s a poor report card of one of the most intelligent species (homo-sapiens) on the planet (earth). Not to mention that it includes me too. It cannot be a best way to live life, and certainly cannot be a “progress.


Missing Idea

A simplistic phenomenon that individual actions which leads to collective progress within offices, could also be applied in efforts to save the planet, was missing and irrelevant to my 9am to 5pm life.

Constructively, the recent changes trigerred by (covid-19) pandemic outbreak helped me to figure out that in our offices or workplaces we do our individual tasks and work collectively, which is an obvious corporate culture and team-work. This way we support department to stand and organisation (we work for) to grow, so that we can get a pay cheque and bonuses. Methodology to save nature is identical. If one can disturb nature with irrational lifestyle, why can’t it be reversed by simply being considerate and adopting nature-friendly practices in the daily lives. Our every single footprint accounts and shapes the future.

So when is the right time to start? I would say its Now. Not to mention that covid-19 outbreak is unfortunate. This is also a space to think and decide priorities and subsequently push sustainable development a step ahead.


Souvenir made out of office used recycled paper at home.
Photo Credit: Js Dhaliwal (May 2020).

Indeed, I support environment-friendly practices. In one of the recent amateur activity during Covid-19 unprecedented period, I learnt how to recycle my office-used paper at home to make something useful out of waste. That too without any special machinery and price.

The souvenir (candle stand) is made up of recycled paper and poster colors at home. I have added nothing special or expensive in it, only exception of my time and amateur activity (during the period of lock-down). This gifted me the quality time and I have enjoyed a sense of achievement after accomplishing it. The level of joy this task gave me was amazing. Though, it’s just a tiniest step towards sustainability. But, I found it big enough to motivate me and my friends.


Nature cares for us and itself. I don’t hesitate to say that it’s indeed a masterpiece. It’s design is so sophisticated that if not repeatedly hampered, it heals and sustains itself .

Photo Credit: Js Dhaliwal.

At very first, A good example is that during the period of lock-down in just 3 weeks the quality of air was so much improved that it was possible to see himalayan range of mountains with naked eyes from chandigarh (a union territory & city in northern part of India).

Secondly, in the previous years temperature was so ferocious that at chandigarh one needed to turn the air conditioner’s switch onn, in the very first week of april. Surprisingly, this year is the 2nd week of may 2020 and still the weather is pleasant and does not require an air conditioner yet. The last time such conditions which locals remember were somewhere in the 1990s.

Wait! I would pause here to observe that nature took only 3 weeks to resurface its beauty, but we need to be captious. It is too early to celebrate because it’s not a complete healing of the planet earth yet. Alot of collective efforts at individual, national and international level are all-important with a bang.


When we are talking about new normal nowadays. It’s good to revise and reset personal priorities and check what is avoidable and how your footprints are affecting nature (directly or indirectly, intentionally or unintentionally). Because, the population is increasing pressure on available natural resources globally, competition is making it further worsen. It seems meaning of education and success is need to refresh and requires an immediate reset.

I am not against development and modernisation and it’s not an advice to change oneself, just be considerate to nature and surroundings. Avoid illogical competition and unnecessary depletion of natural resources. Practice and prefer eco-friendly alternatives without excuse whenever available to use. Initially, it’s good enough to accept and start from foundation. Share your positive stories with your friends and family. Pamper yourself by being a “green ambassador”.

Recently I read that in the UK majority of the people want their leaders to prioritise health and wellbeing ahead of growth. But from my perspective the problem related to ecological imbalance is equally critical in the developing economies.

Couple of days ago, I got a chance to discuss it with one of my friends in India and I received an input that “anyone at the basic level of the needs” cannot think to save the planet. Well, It was not a convincing fact or statement for me.

I myself adopted basic needs voluntarily and by choice. On this modest journey, I find rich experiences and interactions with nature. Although many of my peers are not in favour of my idea. My take is, it’s not a choice. sooner or later the planet requires a positive change. Every second is costing us the further depletion of invaluable resources.

Photo Credit: Js Dhaliwal.

I too want to use energy but prefer green energy. It’s acknowledged that change, progress is vital, but development should be sustainable not momentary. Because, exploitation of natural reserves which we have is not a good idea. Moreover, we need to understand that in our job or business we all need a podium and people to celebrate success.

Today, just help me by recognising that we have only one such stage.

This is called planet earth!


J.S. Dhaliwal

In the pursuit of knowledge…

Written On : May 14, 2020