JS Dhaliwal (Mr)
2 min readMay 30, 2021


Hate is real…

I too hate, but how you make use of the emotion that matters.

Photo credits: Andrea Piacquadio (Insta @andreapiacquadio_)

For me it’s indeed an emotion; in opposition to joy, happiness and love.

At a point of time in the life, we may have experienced or come across a moment of hate, that might be against the authority, management, partners, actions of people which we (dis)like, because of various grounds, or simply when we don't find something fitting into our own process of thoughts or behavior and expectations.

Develop emotional intelligence, learn to handle interpersonal communication and feelings in an effective way. Sympathies beyond color and symbols. Society is complex, so, learn to live together peacefully, rather than in arrogance

How you handle it (own emotions) that’s the climax! Here, allow me to ask a question, are you mature enough to handle your emotions or you are under the control of emotional waves? Whatever may be your answer is, It’s important that we as a human recognize and acknowledge hate. It’s in abundance nowadays; it’s uncommon to be caring and understandable, therefore, stand out of the crowd. Lead the world for better.

I can't ask you to stop hating, I just want you to re-think, re-assess and re-arrange it. Identify what is there which is stopping you to be humble, compatible & cool. If you want to hate then re-configure a bit and hate crime against humanity and other creatures. Hate the burning of forests, hate violence, hate discrimination, if you can.

Hate the hate, not the humans!

Js Dhaliwal — The Epistemophile- Jan 01, 2021.

Photo credit: Andrea Piacquadio.